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PILOT Roller FriXion Ball 0.7mm BL - FR7 - R red, rechargeable, correct.

FRIXION BALL - Gel Ink Roller Ball - Ranges. The FriXion Ball is the first rollerball which can erase without debris - and without leaving any residue from the eraser. This is possible as it features thermosensitive ink which reacts to heat and cold. Its rubber grip ensures optimum writing comfort. The ink can be erased. With an eraser at the end of the barrel which does not wear down and doesn't not leave any reside from erasure. Refill tip 0.7 mm. Line width: 0.35 mm. Pack with 4 colours.

Basic specifications

Article number759188
Alternative item number256419

CHF 4.95

Delivery: Switzerland/Liechtenstein

Delivery within 1 to 2 working days.