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EDDING Calligraphy 1255 Set 2 - 5mm 1255 - 1 - E3 black 3 pcs.

1255 - Kalligrafie-Set. Nothing looks quite as stylish as beautifully calligraphy. Do you love the beautiful writing found in old books, certificates or documents? Well, with edding you can achieve the same results! What used to require a feather quill and paintbrush can now be done easily with this calligraphy pen. It makes it easy to achieve elegant calligraphy on light paper and card. fiberpen set with calligraphy tip in 3 line widths (2, 3.5, 5 mm). water-resistant on most surfaces. highly fade-resistant water-based ink.

Basic specifications

Article number758257
Alternative item number214774

CHF 8.95

Delivery: Switzerland/Liechtenstein

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