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Stamps CHF 2.10 «100 years Swiss Air Navigation», Sheetlet with 10 stamps

Our world is now hard to imagine without the services provided by a company such as Skyguide. And the history of air traffic control goes back almost as far as the art of flying itself. In Switzerland, it began a little over 100 years ago. The first attempts to transmit ground-to- aircraft radiotelegraphy messages in this country started as early as 1919. In 1921, the first concession was awarded to British company Marconi’s Wireless Telegraph Co. Ltd. The founding of subsidiary Marconi Radio AG on 23 February 1922 marked the actual birth of Swiss air traffic control. After various changes of name and responsibilities, Skyguide was founded in 2001. With 1,500 employees at 14 locations, the company provides air navigation services for civil and military flights throughout Europe’s busiest airspace. Over these past 100 years, aviation has made incredible progress – as has air traffic control, which, along with radio, radar, instrument landing and other systems, now makes flying possible at any time of the day and in almost all weather conditions. The 210-centime special stamp shows a snapshot of aircraft positions, as they would appear on Skyguide monitors, overlaying the motif of a modern passenger aircraft.

Article Number555267
Alternative item numberA417311
Product form Sheetlets
Number of stamps 10
Face value CHF 2.10
Adhesive-type Self-adhesive
Subject 100 years Swiss Air Navigation
Topics Technology & science, Mobility & transport
Cancellation Mint

Sheet «100 years Swiss Air Navigation», self-adhesive, mint

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