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Stamps CHF 1.20 «100 years International Chess Federation», Sheetlet with 10 stamps

Chess is one of the oldest, most intellectually demanding and culturally significant games of all. It’s played all over the world. Are you one of the 605 million people who play chess regularly? The International Chess Federation’s motto is “Gens una sumus” (we are all one family). The Federation is celebrating its centenary, and a postage stamp marks the occasion by paying tribute to this successful discipline. You’ll be enthralled by the geometric and abstract chess pieces in vibrant colours that harmoniously intertwine – just like chess moves intended to outwit an opponent.

Basic specifications

Article number559019
Alternative item numberA520311
Publication date07.03.2024


Product form Sheetlets
Number of stamps 10
Face value CHF 1.20
Adhesive-type Non-self-adhesive
Subject 100 years International Chess Federation
Topics Society & social issues, Sport
Cancellation Mint

Sheet «100 years International Chess Federation», gummed, mint

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