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Stamps CHF 1.10 «Art in the periphery», Sheetlet with 8 stamps

Last year, the “Canvas” special stamp highlighted the art collection, which is steeped in tradition, and Swiss Post’s new art strategy. This year, attention now shifts to the second element in this commitment to art – the partnerships with the “Art in the periphery” events. “Art in the periphery” is a series of temporary, curated art events held outside urban hubs. Artists are invited to engage with the relevant locations. Landscapes are reinterpreted, attracting a wider audience. But for this special stamp, the artist Monica Ursina Jäger didn’t choose a specific place but instead focused on the theme of meadows. The artist believes this design perfectly illustrates the overlap between natural habitat and cultural achievement. Meadows are usually created thanks to people and only continue to exist with their help. Art projects have also often been created on meadows in peripheral regions, continuing the dialogue between natural processes and cultural achievement. The print’s special feature is the colour used: it’s the first stamp ever printed with chlorophyll pigments – in other words, the substance responsible for the green colour of plants. This means the stamp is completely natural and “living“. The green will change over time, depending on the effect of light.

Basic specifications

Article number554618
Alternative item numberA412311
Publication date05.05.2022


Product form Sheetlets
Number of stamps 8
Face value CHF 1.10
Adhesive-type Self-adhesive
Subject Swiss Post’s commitment to art
Topics Art & culture
Cancellation Mint
Sold out

Sheet «Swiss Post’s commitment to art», self-adhesive, mint

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