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Stamps CHF 0.90 «Marriage», Sheet with 10 stamps

A large number of letters and cards sent privately relate to events such as a birthday, death, birth or wedding. Four new special stamp designs aim to cover as many of these special events as possible. Letters still play a very important role in certain events. Who would send a wedding invitation by e-mail or post a death announcement on Instagram? That’s why we’ve aimed to express the feelings and emotions associated with events such as mourning, birth, marriage, birthdays and exam results on the envelope as well as the stamp. Kriens-based designer Uwe Stettler chose traditional designs to hint at the content of the letter enclosed within the envelope.

Basic specifications

Article number553835
Alternative item numberA397361
Publication date03.03.2022


Product form Sheets
Number of stamps 10
Face value CHF 0.90
Adhesive-type Self-adhesive
Subject Special events
Topics Marriage
Cancellation Mint

Sheet «Special events», self-adhesive, mint

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CHF 9.00

Delivery: Worldwide (see exceptions)

Dispatched within 1 to 2 working days.

Time stamping


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