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Stamps CHF 0.10 «10 centimes», Sheet with 10 stamps

To provide anyone who still has old definitive stamps with an elegant way of using them, Swiss Post is issuing three supplementary values. Their design is wonderfully simple. When the designer’s task is to symbolize the values of 5, 10 and 20 centimes, what could be more appropriate than depicting the relevant Swiss coins? This enables you to identify the value of the stamp quickly and clearly. The brief also called for the three stamps to be recognizable as a set, while ensuring slight differentiation between the individual designs. While the coins are always positioned in exactly the same way, they are immediately distinguishable by their different colour schemes. Designer Marc Weller was keen to make the metallic quality of the coins tangible by using a realistic photographic style. The exceptionally intricate ornamentation surrounding the numbers is also highlighted: vines for the 5-centime coin, oak leaves for 10 centimes and Alpine roses for 20 centimes. The franking amount is not explicitly included in the design, as it is more than clear from the value of the coins. Only the word “Helvetia” has been added.

Basic specifications

Article number554123
Alternative item numberA391362
Publication date01.01.2022


Product form Sheets
Number of stamps 10
Face value CHF 0.10
Adhesive-type Self-adhesive
Subject Coins
Topics Society & social issues
Cancellation Mint

Sheet «Coins», self-adhesive, mint

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