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2021 Year book of Swiss stamps

Whether it’s a look into the past or creative and fun-filled designs: the collection in the year book of Swiss stamps once again takes you on a journey through our extremely diverse nation and its fascinating stories. A historical event that is particularly topical at the moment is the 50th anniversary of women’s voting rights in Switzerland. This milestone is being commemorated with a special stamp. It’s hard to believe that Switzerland only became a true democracy five decades ago, isn’t it? The stamp dedicated to sustainability, meanwhile, is a particularly creative piece. This is no coincidence, as the special stamp is the result of a design competition organized by Swiss Post in conjunction with the Bern University of the Arts. In a way, Swiss Post is also showcasing itself with the new A and B Mail stamps – they show a real piece of Swiss Post history! Elsewhere in the collection, you’ll find engrossing stories about anniversaries, as well as some surprising and playful designs. The 119-page 2021 year book presents 53 stunning original stamps and an exclusive black print. This book is perfect as a gift or a record of our times – for yourself, or perhaps for a loved one.


In four languages (de/fr/it/en).

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Subject Year book of Swiss stamps
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2021 Year book of Swiss stamps, mint

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2021 Year book of Swiss stamps 2021 Year book of Swiss stamps, cancelled
2021 Year book of Swiss stamps 2021 Year book of Swiss stamps, mint