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2020 Year book of Swiss stamps

The year book takes us on a journey through the artistic collection of this year’s Swiss stamps. Who doesn’t know Globi? His educational editions – two of which have been acknowledged with special stamps – highlight just how topical the character still is. Closely linked to comics is the tradition of street art. Four artists were invited to produce their interpretation of the multifaceted term “Smart City”. Meanwhile, Berne’s Zytglogge clock tower, the horological design of which is greatly admired, shows just how fluid the boundary between art and craftsmanship really is. Creating chocolate delights is also a form of craftsmanship. Two special stamps illustrate the journey of the cocoa bean on its way to becoming a piece of confectionery – or from bitter to sweet. Tribute is paid to the art of flower arranging with a stylish special stamp to mark the 100th anniversary of the Swiss Florists’ Association. And, in the International Year of Plant Health, the United Nations reminds us that plants can also fall sick, with a focus on the Japanese beetle. This short list contains just a few of the many impressive stamps from the 2020 year book. The 128-page publication presents 51 original stamps and an exclusive black print. It also includes fascinating background information on the stamp motifs. This book is a perfect record of our times – for you, a loved one or perhaps as a birthday present.

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