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Crypto Stamp Wallpaper CHF 19.90

Please note: the Wallpaper Edition of the Swiss Crypto Stamp 4.0 is limited to 15 stamps per order. The Swiss Crypto Stamps are not part of Swiss Post’s official issue programme and cannot be exchanged.

You can now combine the NFTs of the Basic and Special Editions with a wallpaper. The Wallpaper Edition consists of 12 different versions in a limited issue of 1,500 copies each and will be sold at a price of CHF 19.90. When purchasing the Wallpaper Edition of the Swiss Crypto Stamp 4.0, you will only know which of the 12 versions of the Wallpaper Edition you have got after you have made your purchase.

Here’s how it works

The Wallpaper Edition is a stand-alone NFT that contains a background or wallpaper. This background can be digitally combined with the NFTs for the Basic Edition or the Special Edition. When combined, a stamp NFT and a wallpaper NFT are exchanged for a new, much rarer NFT that merges the two images, the background and the marmot.

Combinations are available as soon as you have transferred both NFTs to your personal wallet. You can then carry out the combination in your Swiss Crypto Stamp wallet, and you will receive the new NFT in your wallet.

The images for the Swiss Crypto Stamp 4.0 were created with the help of artificial intelligence using the software Midjourney.

More information:

Other provisions: General Terms and Conditions for Stamps & Philately

Basic specifications

Article number502335
Alternative item numberA557323
Publication date25.04.2024


Number of stamps 1
Adhesive-type Self-adhesive
Subject Crypto Stamp 4.0
Topics Animals & nature, Technology & science
Cancellation Mint

NFT sticker sheet «Swiss Crypto Stamp 4.0»

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CHF 19.90

Delivery: Worldwide (see exceptions)

Dispatched within 1 to 2 working days.