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Stamps CHF 1.10 «Flower of Life», Sheetlet with 10 stamps

It’s said to have positive energy: the Flower of Life is considered a universal symbol of power. It adorns items such as jewellery, water bottles and yoga mats – and now, as a lasercut stamp, it’s also bringing good vibes to letter boxes. Taking the time for yourself, organizing your thoughts and putting them down word by word on paper – there’s something meditative about writing letters. A personally written and appreciative message makes people happy – not only the reader, but the writer, too. This form of mindful communication can be elevated by this new stamp, whose design, the flower of life, signifies harmony. The ornament is known to many cultures around the world, in some cases even going back thousands of years. It’s generally used to balance out energies, and in Switzerland, it’s also depicted on various everyday objects such as home accessories: if not for spiritual reasons, then frequently on account of its decorative nature. In addition to the Flower of Life, the stamp features a further adornment that, just like the circular arrangement of the design, suggests the idea of infinity. The laser cutting gives a flourish to the aesthetic of the geometric pattern: when affixed, the envelope material fills the cut-out elements, fusing stamp and paper into a harmonious work of art.
Article Number556206
Alternative item numberA458351
Product form Sheetlets
Number of stamps 10
Face value 1.10CHF
Adhesive-type Yes
Subject Flower of Life
Topics Society & social issues, Art & culture
Cancellation Cancelled
Cancelled New

Sheet «Flower of Life», self-adhesive, cancelled

Series: Flower of Life

CHF 11.00

Delivery: Worldwide (except USA)
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Time stamping

Stamps CHF 1.10 «Flower of Life», Sheetlet with 10 stamps Sheet «Flower of Life», self-adhesive, cancelled
Stamps CHF 1.10 «Flower of Life», Sheetlet with 10 stamps Sheet «Flower of Life», self-adhesive, mint