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Stamp booklet «Pro Patria – The Fifth Switzerland»

Where is the Fifth Switzerland? Well, it’s found all over the world, wherever Swiss citizens are resident abroad. Almost 11 percent of Swiss people live abroad. This community is known as the “Fifth Switzerland” and is made up of 800,000 people. Since 1916, the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad (OSA), SwissCommunity, has focused on maintaining links between this expat community and Switzerland. The new Pro Patria stamps remind us of the comforts of home. Warming the heart and cupping your hands around a black fondue pot – the designs evoke a piece of Switzerland.

Basic specifications

Article number559726
Alternative item numberA529300
Publication date02.05.2024


Product form Stamp booklets
Number of stamps 10
Adhesive-type Non-self-adhesive
Subject Pro Patria – The Fifth Switzerland
Topics Society & social issues
Cancellation Mint

Stamp booklet with 4 stamps at CHF 1.00+0.50 with «Cultural ties» motif and 6 stamps at CHF 1.20+0.60 with «Sense of belonging» motif, gummed, mint

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CHF 16.80

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