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Stamp booklet «Pro Juventute - Cohesion»

Improving lives together: the new “Pro Juventute” stamps show that sticking together in times of crisis brightens up cloudy days. The coronavirus pandemic, war in Ukraine, climate crisis and the threat of inflation – global events are overlapping. A multicrisis of this kind can raise anxiety levels and have a major psychological impact on young people, as also shown by studies and figures on Pro Juventute’s counselling services: for example, counselling on the issue of anxiety increased by 30 percent last year. Consultations concerning thoughts of suicide have now doubled compared to the period before the pandemic. Pro Juventute provides young people and parents with direct support, and calls on policymakers to promote support services and preventative measures. The design shows we can make lives better if we demonstrate cohesion. The children and young people featured on the stamps are making dark days brighter, together painting a colourful future where the clouds have cleared and the sun is shining again.

Basic specifications

Article number557797
Alternative item numberA487800
Publication date09.11.2023


Product form Stamp booklets
Number of stamps 12
Adhesive-type Self-adhesive
Subject Pro Juventute - Cohesion
Topics Society & social issues, Children
Cancellation Cancelled

Stamp booklet with 6 stamps each CHF 0.90+0.45 and CHF 1.10+0.55, self-adhesive, cancelled

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