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Voucher stamp CHF 1.10+5.50 «Gelateria di Berna»

The design of the miniature sheet shows the voucher being handed in at Gelateria di Berna and describes the procedure in a few short steps. 

This innovative product is sure to surprise friends and acquaintances. After all, we all know about sending a letter with a stamp. And we are all familiar with including a voucher along with a letter. But what about a letter where the stamp itself is the voucher? Well, that’s brand new!  

And here’s how easy it is: 

1. Peel off the entirety of the voucher stamp and stick it on your letter or postcard (it’s a good idea to mention the voucher to your recipient). 

2. Send the letter or postcard by post as usual. 

3. The recipient will be delighted to receive the voucher stamp and will be able to take it to Gelateria di Berna. 

4. There, they can redeem the voucher, use its value to choose a delicious ice cream, and – last but not least – enjoy the tasty treat! 

The voucher has a value of CHF 5.50. The stamp has a face value of CHF 1.10 and can be used to frank mail items corresponding to this value.  
Gelateria di Berna vouchers do not expire and can be redeemed at all locations. More information on the voucher is available from Gelateria di Berna

The voucher stamp is not part of Swiss Post’s official issuing programme and is excluded from exchange.

Article Number557812
Alternative item numberA509111
Publication date01.04.2023
Number of stamps 1
Face value CHF 1.10
Adhesive-type Self-adhesive
Topics Other, Society & social issues
Cancellation Mint

Voucher stamp «Gelateria di Berna», self-adhesive, mint

CHF 6.60

Delivery: Switzerland

Delivery within 1 to 2 working days