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Stamps Series «Swiss river landscapes»

Roaring, tranquil, mystical – that’s the variety of the rivers depicted on the new definitive stamps. What you can’t see is what exactly went on behind the lens. Photographer Andreas Gerth reveals all. Buckle up – you’re in for an adventure. Following the appearance of new definitive stamps in 2022 due to the increase in face value, the next instalment now follows with the remaining values. The focus is on the many and varied river landscapes found in all four language regions of Switzerland. They were captured by Andreas Gerth, who in his work as a nature photographer is exposed to the vagaries of the weather and sometimes has to tackle some climbing. A look behind the scenes at the settings: he got lost in the forest to begin with, then the light wasn’t right – not until the third attempt did Gerth find himself in the right place at the right time, in his rubber boots in the middle of the Versoix. Sturdy shoes were also called for on the Kleine Emme: to get the shot, he had to do a little rock climbing. His patience was also tested by the Reuss: long research, poor light, and on top of all that, a red canoe that took a good long break near the island in the middle of the river. While everything went smoothly (for a change) at the Areuse, Gerth’s search for the perfect scene meant that he had to scour all the river crossings in the Lower Engadine valley before sunrise, after a cold night spent in the car. Even earlier, at 2.30 in the morning, he set off to photograph the Breggia, at the southernmost tip of Switzerland, while the sun was not yet shining into the gorge. But it was the Thur that turned out to be the hardest nut to crack: countless changes of plan, thunderstorms and shooting against the light gave the photographer a rough time of it. But as the saying goes: good things come to those who wait.

Basic specifications

Article Number556288
Alternative item numberA455150
Publication date02.03.2023


Adhesive-type Self-adhesive
Subject Swiss river landscapes
Topics Animals & nature
Cancellation Mint

Set (7 stamps, postage value CHF 18.80), self-adhesive, mint

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CHF 18.80

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Stamps Series «Swiss river landscapes» Set (7 stamps, postage value CHF 18.80), self-adhesive, cancelled
Stamps Series «Swiss river landscapes» Set (7 stamps, postage value CHF 18.80), self-adhesive, mint