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Stamps Series «Swiss Parks»

The set of special stamps on Swiss Parks that was launched in 2021 will be continued this year with four more exciting regions. Once again, the designs don’t simply feature beautiful landscapes, but also depict interaction between nature and people. “The Swiss parks provide a wide range of habitats, are rich in flora and fauna and have extremely diverse cultural heritage. The villages in the parks are well maintained and their typical features are largely intact,” according to the Swiss Parks’ website The Swiss Parks actively promote the sustainable development of their region and the conservation of these vibrant places of natural beauty and culture. That’s why all the stamps in the new special set feature people as well as magnificent landscapes in the parks spread across the whole of Switzerland. The Beverin Nature Park – in collaboration with the slate workshop in Safien and the Safien Stables Association – aims to put new wooden shingle roofs on the stables in the region. The Doubs Nature Park stamp shows the centuries-old tradition of breeding Freiberger horses and the vast Wytweiden meadows in the foreground. The Gantrisch Nature Park – a region well known throughout Switzerland for the traditional Swiss folk song “Vreneli ab em Guggisberg” – hosts the procession of cattle returning from the meadows in the Gantrisch range each year. Finally, the stamp for the Schaffhausen Regional Nature Park highlights the tradition of wine-making with its picturesque landmark, the mountain church of St. Moritz.
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Subject Swiss Parks
Topics Animals & nature
Cancellation Cancelled

Set (4 stamps, postage value CHF 4.00), self-adhesive, cancelled

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Stamps Series «Swiss Parks» Set (4 stamps, postage value CHF 4.00), self-adhesive, cancelled
Stamps Series «Swiss Parks» Set (4 stamps, postage value CHF 4.00), self-adhesive, mint