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Stamps Series «Cute animals»

This cute foursome shows the winning images from the “Cute animals” photo competition. Among thousands of entries, these dainty little animals won the most hearts. They’re funny, clumsy, playful and amusing – our friends in the animal kingdom often manage to make us smile. Looking to capture this “aww” effect in a new stamp set, Swiss Post sent out a call last summer for original pictures of animals. It was met by a flood of the sweetest images, with around 7,600 photos of native domestic or wild animals sent in. From a cute squirrel and a spirited foal to a frisky young goat kid – no easy task for the internal jury charged with making a shortlist of the 20 best snapshots. In the public vote that followed, it was the curious kitten, the exuberant puppy, the sweet little cygnets and the bright-eyed fox cub who worked their charm on most people. Just so cuddly!

Basic specifications

Article number556691
Alternative item numberA465550
Publication date09.05.2023


Adhesive-type Self-adhesive
Subject Cute animals
Topics Animals & nature
Cancellation Cancelled

Set (4 stamps, postage value CHF 4.00), self-adhesive, cancelled

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