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Stamps Series «Christmas – Sacred art»

Two impressive stamp designs draw attention to the cultural and historical wealth of sacred art in our country. They depict selected sections of church windows at Bern Cathedral and Königsfelden Abbey. The design of the 110-centime stamp depicts a nativity scene from the “youth of Christ” window at Königsfeld Abbey. The monastery buildings near Windisch were built after the murder of King Albrecht I as a place of remembrance for the Habsburg family. The stained glass in the northern choir apse window, with its depiction of the birth of Christ, was created shortly before the consecration in 1330 and represents the highest order of craftsmanship from the period. The 230-centime stamp features an angel design from the “Host mill” window in Bern Cathedral. This is one of the choir windows in the church, which was built from 1425 onwards. The window has been preserved practically in its original condition. The window’s iconography is considered complex. Located in a part of the church formerly open only to clergy, it was designed to appeal to an educated audience. It was crafted by an unknown master between 1448 and 1453.

Basic specifications

Article Number555849
Alternative item numberA450550
Publication date10.11.2022


Adhesive-type Non-self-adhesive
Subject Christmas
Topics Christmas
Cancellation Cancelled

Set (2 stamps, postage value CHF 3.40), gummed, cancelled

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CHF 3.40

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Stamps Series «Christmas – Sacred art» Set (2 stamps, postage value CHF 3.40), gummed, cancelled
Stamps Series «Christmas – Sacred art» Set (2 stamps, postage value CHF 3.40), gummed, mint