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Stamp «Sustainability – Food»

Foodstuffs that deviate from the norm often end up in the bin. Even though they may not live up to our ideals of beauty, they are of course equally palatable. This stamp takes a stand against food waste. Who’s to say they’re perfect? And what does normal even actually mean? For food, these questions are covered by strict standards. Anything deviating from these standards often doesn’t even make it to sale. Food waste – the squandering of foodstuffs – happens at various stages of the product chain, such as in shops, during processing and in private households. This isn’t just a pity in terms of resources expended for no reason, it’s also painful on the wallet: according to WWF figures, the average Swiss household throws away more than 600 francs’ worth of food every year. The word “waste” is crossed out on the stamp to make a statement against this form of waste. The three subjects of the photo show that the unshapely can also be visually appealing. After all, is it not precisely their unconventional forms that make them eye-catching? The three mountain potatoes come from an organic farm in the Albula Valley, whose special varieties are liked even by top restaurateurs, delighting many a palate.

Basic specifications

Article number556727
Alternative item numberA467150
Publication date09.05.2023


Adhesive-type Non-self-adhesive
Subject Sustainability – Food
Topics Art & culture, Society & social issues
Cancellation Mint

Single stamp of CHF 1.10, gummed, mint

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