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Stamp «Public transport»

When Switzerland’s first railway line started scheduled services between Zurich and Baden on 9 August 1847, it marked the beginning of a remarkable period of development for our country. The special stamp issued to mark the 175th anniversary conveys the dynamic nature of this development. Referring to a Baden puff pastry speciality, the railway line was popularly known as the “Spanish bun line”, going down as such in history. It signals the dawn of a new era. Because the railways have shaped Switzerland’s industrial, technological, spatial and social development like no other mode of transport. But, although the success story of public transport in Switzerland may be based on the rail network, it has also been influenced for decades by strong cooperation between all areas of the industry. This includes the nationwide, coordinated range of transport services offered by the various operators: trains, buses, trams, boats, cable cars and mountain railways. With its format, a design extending beyond the edge of the stamp and a dynamic choice of colours – from pale tones at the beginning through to the colourful vehicles of our time – the special Swiss Association of Public Transport stamp does justice to this topic in every respect.

Article Number555108
Alternative item numberA418150
Publication date08.09.2022
Adhesive-type Non-self-adhesive
Subject Public transport
Topics Mobility & transport
Cancellation Mint

Single stamp of CHF 1.10, gummed, mint

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CHF 1.10

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Stamp «Public transport» Single stamp of CHF 1.10, gummed, cancelled
Stamp «Public transport» Single stamp of CHF 1.10, gummed, mint