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Stamp «50 years MUMMENSCHANZ»

Which other Swiss artist or theatre troupe has enjoyed uninterrupted success and such a high profile for 50 years – not just in Switzerland, but around the world? MUMMENSCHANZ has not only created its very own art form, but has also become part of Swiss cultural heritage. The unique performance draws on the tradition of pantomime and silent mask art. The nationally and internationally acclaimed troupe brings simple materials to life, touches hearts, sparks its audiences’ imaginations and makes people laugh with subtle humour. The MUMMENSCHANZ theatre troupe has toured all over the world, raising Switzerland’s profile abroad. The tour featuring the programme in celeration of the troupe’s 50th anniversary is already under way and will visit around 30 venues in all linguistic regions of Switzerland, before travelling around the world. It’s packed with the best-known and most popular sketches from a vast repertoire spanning the past 50 years. The special stamp celebrates two of MUMMENSCHANZ’s most famous figures: “Giant Hands” opens the curtains for “Slinkyman”. The stamp has been enhanced with hot foil stamping.
Article Number553967
Alternative item numberA395150
Adhesive-type Non-self-adhesive
Subject 50 years MUMMENSCHANZ
Topics Art & culture
Cancellation Mint

Single stamp of CHF 1.10, gummed, mint

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CHF 1.10

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Stamp «50 years MUMMENSCHANZ» Single stamp of CHF 1.10, gummed, cancelled
Stamp «50 years MUMMENSCHANZ» Single stamp of CHF 1.10, gummed, mint