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Stamp «200 years Swiss steamboat travel»

On 18 June 1823, the Guillaume Tell, Switzerland’s first steamboat, set off on its maiden voyage across Lake Geneva, heralding the start of a new machine age. There are hardly any images of the ship, but 200 years later, we do now have a stamp in a special format. Measuring 80 × 33 millimetres, the special stamp shows a historical milestone for which there are no photos and very few drawings: the Guillaume Tell, Switzerland’s first steamboat. With a view to creating a retrospective for the anniversary, a dark special colour was chosen for the illustration. Almost as if it was designed all those years ago. Back then, the Guillaume Tell plied its trade between Geneva and Lausanne. While it was mainly used to transport goods on weekdays, passengers were also welcomed on board at weekends. The success of the paddle steamer gave impetus to local industrialization. Despite initial scepticism, people soon realized that if something works in the water, it can also be used on land. And so the use of steam engine technology soon made its way into industry and rail transport, accelerating Switzerland’s development.

Basic specifications

Article number556229
Alternative item numberA456550
Publication date02.03.2023


Adhesive-type Non-self-adhesive
Subject 200 years Swiss steamboat travel
Topics Mobility & transport
Cancellation Cancelled

Single stamp of CHF 1.10, gummed, cancelled

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