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Folder / Foglio da collezione «Special Events»

Whether you want to express congratulations or sympathy, there are always moments in life that call for a letter. A new series of stamps for special events is issued every few years. This time, the series comprises three special stamps on the topics of Congratulations, Thanks and Comfort. They are designed to be modern, expressive and yet neutral, so that you’re bound to find the right stamp for every occasion. The key feature of the new stamp series is the hand, which is combined on each of the stamps with a symbol conveying the relevant emotion before the reader has even opened the envelope.

Basic specifications

Article number558844
Alternative item numberA518640
Publication date07.03.2024


Adhesive-type Self-adhesive
Subject Special Events
Topics Congratulations, Marriage, Birth, Mourning
Cancellation Mint

Set (3 stamps, postage value CHF 3.40) in folder/collection sheet, mint

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CHF 4.20

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Dispatched within 1 to 2 working days.

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