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Folder/collection sheet «100 years Swiss Agricultural Technology»

Over the course of a century, tractors have replaced draught animals, which were once widely used in agriculture. Now the digital revolution is under way. From the horse to the steam tractor, and from the motorization of agriculture to smart farming: for several years, increasing use of digital components has been made in agricultural machinery. As is the case for the tractor shown on the stamp: a GPS system enables it to farm the land with centimetre precision. The performance of farming technology is continually being improved by digitization and detection systems. This stamp is being issued to mark 100 years of the Swiss Agricultural Technology association.

Basic specifications

Article number559611
Alternative item numberA536640
Publication date02.05.2024


Adhesive-type Non-self-adhesive
Subject 100 years Swiss Agricultural Technology
Topics Technology & science
Cancellation Mint

Single stamp of CHF 1.20 in folder/collection sheet, mint

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