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Special events, First-day cover

Supplementing the special stamp set issued in 2018, the four new “Special events” motifs are perfect for congratulations on births and weddings, or for sending mail expressing condolences and gratitude. But they’re neutral enough for other events, too. It’s not just the content of the stamp motifs that differs from the last set, but also their style. The core message on all four motifs is the golden letter. It symbolizes the importance and value of letters. The most eye-catching elements are the black and white birds as bearers of the letter. The background of each stamp is monochrome and contains features related to its particular intended purpose. With tongue-in-cheek humour, the stork represents births – as well as birthdays and greetings in general. This means the stamp can be used to send congratulations on exam results, christenings or a new home. The swan motif refers more generally to themes such as love or a thank you, which also makes this stamp perfect for weddings or Mother’s Day. Meanwhile, the swallow is traditionally a symbol of farewell, grief, travel or retirement – but also represents a new beginning or a reunion. These songbirds can be used to adorn any letter of friendship, especially thank-you letters.
Article Number550737
Alternative item numberA325580
Self-adhesive Yes
Subject Special events
Topics Birth, Congratulations, Marriage, Animals & nature
Stamped Cancelled

Set (4 stamps, postage value CHF 4.00) on first-day cover (FDC) C6

Series: Special events

CHF 4.90

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