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First-day cover «Rubber duck»

Quack, quack – here’s a little rubber duck who delivers letters with a squeak. And he doesn’t even need a uniform for work, because of course Swiss Post yellow is his natural garb. A decoration in the bathroom, a thermometer in the bath, a squeaky toy or even a floating radio – there are rubber ducks for pretty much anything you can imagine. You’ll see them outside, too – for example, as floats in swimming pools. And whole flocks of them will turn up for rubber duck races, usually arranged to raise money for charities. Apart from the classic yellow version, you’ll also find rubber ducks in all sorts of other looks: dressed up as a knight, in a pirate’s outfit or football jersey, or with an apron on – there’s nothing you won’t come across. And that now also includes a mail carrier duck. But the friendly little duckling on the new stamp gets along fine without a uniform – after all, his feathers are already Swiss Post yellow. The stamp features a relief finish and contour cut. The bubbles on the sheetlet suggest the natural habitat of the rubber duck – the bath.

Basic specifications

Article number556924
Alternative item numberA466590
Publication date09.05.2023


Adhesive-type Self-adhesive
Subject Rubber duck
Topics Children, Animals & nature, Humour
Cancellation Cancelled


Format C5

Miniature sheet (10 stamps, postage value CHF 11.00) on first-day cover (FDC) C5

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CHF 12.20

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