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First-day cover «Confetti»

A party atmosphere on your envelopes! Whether for invitations or congratulations, these colourful special stamps lend themselves to creative franking, putting a smile on the face of the person they’re addressed to even before they open their mail. Whether in the middle of the carnival procession, at a wedding or on New Year’s Eve, when the party bombs let brightly coloured shreds of paper rain down: wherever colourful confetti is found, a celebration usually isn’t too far away. The word confetti comes from the Italian “confetto”, or “confetti” in the plural. Roughly translated, it means sugar- coated treats. For example, gifts of sugar-glazed almonds – called “confetti” – are traditionally given in Italy to celebrate births or weddings. Like the relaxed mood at celebrations, the new special stamps make it a breeze to frank party invitations or congratulations. As if thrown and landing randomly, the decorative confetti turns an everyday activity into a playful moment. Five decorative pieces of confetti combine to make up the new A Mail value, which will come into effect from 1.1.2024. But why wait? You can use them right away to make your mail pop!

Basic specifications

Article number558524
Alternative item numberA485580
Publication date09.11.2023


Adhesive-type Self-adhesive
Subject Confetti
Topics Humour, Congratulations, Marriage
Cancellation Cancelled


Format C6

Set (postage value CHF 1.20) on first-day cover (FDC) C6

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CHF 2.10

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