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Dominoes, First-day cover

Dominoes is a game that’s familiar to everyone in Switzerland and enjoyed by young and old alike. The pieces typically used in the game provided the template for four special stamps that are both creative and creatively stimulating. The game of dominoes is played all over the world, but its origins are something of a mystery – it was most likely created in China. The game has existed in Europe since the late Middle Ages. Dominoes is not just a social activity, there are also championships – and the world champion in 2020 was actually Swiss. The four special stamps, each with a value of 50 centimes, are ideal to use together, so that every envelope can be given a personalized design. The usually plain pieces appear in light colours on the special stamps, creating a harmonious effect on the wooden playing table. The stamps are designed to encourage users to affix them in creative arrangements. A particularly attractive feature is that the spots of the dominoes are punched out.
Article Number553431
Alternative item numberA370580
Self-adhesive No
Subject Dominoes
Topics Humour, Children
Stamped Cancelled

Set (4 stamps, postage value CHF 2.00) on 1 first-day cover (FDC) E6

Series: Dominoes

CHF 3.00

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