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This magnifying set brings together the three most popular magnifying glasses in an ideal combination to ensure you are fully prepared for every situation: 
The rimless handle magnifier offers 3-times magnification and features an especially large acrylic lens (diameter 90 mm) and two white LED lamps, which can illuminate even large objects for precise inspection. 
The precision magnifying glass (lens diameter 21 mm) features 10-times magnification and two white LED lamps for high-resolution inspection of even the smallest details. 
This handy pocket magnifier features five functions in one device: a large lens with 2.5-times magnification (lens diameter 30 × 37 mm), a small lens with 10-times magnification (lens diameter 15 mm), UV lamp, LED pocket torch and pull-out pen. Its compact design makes it ideal for when on the go.

With this set you are perfectly equipped to examine every detail of your stamps.

Incl. batteries (1x LR1130, 1x LR927 + 1x CR927).

Basic specifications

Article number548406
Alternative item number346665

Handle magnifier, precision magnifying glass and handy pocket magnifier

CHF 42.90

Delivery: Switzerland/Liechtenstein

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