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Set of blocks of four «Joint issue Switzerland-Republic of Korea»

With this joint issue, Switzerland and South Korea are acknowledging two anniversaries at once: 60 years of diplomatic relations and 70 years of Swiss participation in the Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission (NNSC), based in Panmunjom, Korea. So far apart and yet so similar: the joint issue designs depict two traditional villages, both nestled in a charming landscape of rolling hills. The historic village of Oeam in mid-western South Korea is situated in the foothills of Seolhwasan mountain, not far from the city of Asan and about 95 kilometres from Seoul. Its houses are traditionally built with thatched and tiled roofs – time-proven techniques still used to this day. The village is home to around 150 people, who continue to live by the traditions of the Joseon, a dynasty that lasted from 1392 to 1910. Their rituals are considered a part of the nation’s cultural heritage and have protected status. The Swiss counterpart shows the village of Trub in Upper Emmental in the Canton of Bern. This is a scattered agricultural settlement that combines typical features of the Emmental valley and is listed in the Federal Inventory of Heritage Sites of national importance. The municipality’s highest point is on the Napf mountain, at 1,408 metres above sea level. The choice of similar designs symbolizes the very good relationship between the two countries, which are celebrating two anniversaries this year. The first is the start of their diplomatic relations 60 years ago, established on the basis of Switzerland’s recognition of the Republic of Korea at the end of 1962. The second event goes back a little further: since 27 July 1953 and the signing of the armistice in the Korean War, Switzerland has been part of the NNSC, which was set up to monitor the ceasefire agreement. The Swiss Armed Forces have been contributing to security and stability on the Korean peninsula through an adapted mission for 70 years.

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Publication date07.09.2023


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Subject Joint issue Switzerland-Republic of Korea
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Set of blocks of four (8 stamps, postage value CHF 13.60), gummed, cancelled

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