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«Phila & Franco» stamp set for children, DE, 3/23

Chestnuts, coffee cream lids or stamps – collectors have their own very different interests. In the current issue, Phila and Franco show what they like to focus on and how to find your own interests as a collector.

Fresh supplies for collectors: the current issue includes seven stamps valid for postage – one of which is a cancelled stamp. Phila and Franco have their magnifying glasses and tweezers at the ready, looking to add to their collections. Franco is especially happy with the tree fruit designs, the perfect fit for what he enjoys collecting. Phila is an animal fan, so she prefers to focus on stamps featuring cats. The two reveal what it takes to collect stamps and how enthusiasts can find their personal favourite subject.

In the section on writing and postal service knowledge, Phila and Franco take a little journey back in time, discovering how people used to write with pen and ink. On an outing over the Gotthard Pass in a yellow horse-drawn mail coach, they also learn how mail got from A to B 200 years ago. As well as puzzles, a comic strip and a delicious apple recipe, there are once again three postcards to colour in.

The stamp set for children is available at and all Swiss Post branches as a single issue for 12 francs or at a discounted rate on subscription at

Basic specifications

Article number557675
Alternative item numberA480901
Publication date07.09.2023


Language German


Subject Phila and Franco
Topics Children

20-page set, 8 Stamps (postage value CHF 9.40, 1 cancelled, 7 mint), 3 Postcards

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CHF 12.00

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