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«Phila & Franco» stamp set for children, DE, 1/22

The new stamp set contains 20 pages of games, fun and excitement about stamps. And the comic heroes Phila and Franco obviously feature again, too.

As well as the adventures of the two young philately friends, there are puzzles and craft activities. But children will also learn information about stamps, such as how to use tweezers. What are the best ways to store stamps? What stages does a stamp go through on its journey from sender to recipient? There are also eight stamps and three post­cards to paint or colour in.

Swiss Post’s stamp set for children is suitable for seven- to ten-year-olds and aims to help them discover the world of stamps. It is available from Postshop and larger Swiss Post branches as a single issue for 12 francs, and on subscription at

Basic specifications

Article number554143
Alternative item numberA400904
Publication date17.03.2022


Language German


Subject Phila and Franco
Topics Children

Stamp set for children, 8 Stamps (4 cancelled, 4 mint), 3 Postcards

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CHF 12.00

Delivery: Worldwide (see exceptions)

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