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«Phila & Franco» stamp set for children, 4/21, DE

Swiss Post will now publish a children’s stamp set four times a year to coincide with the issuing of our new stamps. The new product is available as a magazine and features Phila and Franco, the stamp friends of all young philatelists.

Each issue of the 20-page A5 set will include a selection of the newly issued stamps − the first issue will contain five cancelled and three mint stamps − and a first-day cover and postcards to be coloured in or designed by the children themselves. The magazine will also feature interesting facts and fascinating information on the topic of stamps and writing (all tailored to appeal to children, of course), a whole range of puzzles and handicrafts, and a thrilling comic starring Phila and Franco as the main characters.

The set is suitable for children aged seven to ten years old and aims to help them discover the world of stamps. It is available both as individual issues and on subscription ( We are delighted that Samuel Glättli will be providing the illustrations for Phila and Franco. He is one half of the illustration team for the Globi series and has also illustrated numerous other children’s books.

Article Number553926
Alternative item numberA388904
Language German
Subject Phila and Franco
Topics Children

Stamp set for children, 1 First-day cover, 8 Stamps (5 cancelled, 3 mint), 3 Postcards

Series: Phila and Franco

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