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Set of picture postcards «Biennale»

For Bregaglia Biennale 2022, Jirka Makovec (born 1977) and Jiajia Zhang (born 1981) have turned their attention, and their cameras, to the particularities of day-to-day life in the Bregaglia valley. The pictures the two artists took during their forays into the valley have been turned into a series of ten postcards, which will assume its own artistic position in the Bregaglia Biennale 2022. One of the strengths of Makovec & Zhang is their keen observation of what is right in front of us. The medium of the postcard will spread their photographic analysis out into the wider world and to areas beyond the usual reach of the art scene.  

The postcard set is made up of 10 pictures by the artists Jiří Makovec and Jiajia Zhang.

The project was created for the Bregaglia Biennale 2022 in cooperation with Swiss Post as part of its commitment to art. /

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Publication date11.06.2022


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Set with 10 unfranked A6 picture postcards «Biennale»

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