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Pre-franked postcards B-Mail 0.90

Pre-franked postcards with blank fronts are an elegant solution for sending someone a message quickly and easily, or maybe for telling them about a change of address. They are now also available with the new franking for A and B Mail. The new A and B Mail special stamps by the Bernese graphic artist Gerhard Blättler were presented in early 2021. With the higher face values introduced on 1 January 2022, these designs now adorn the pre-franked postcards. The stamp designer sought to achieve maximum impact with its small format. He achieved this by reducing the letters “A” and “B” to their inner spaces. The red tones of the A Mail stamp represent vibrancy and urgency, whereas the B Mail stamp’s cooler blue shades convey a sense of calm. Since 1991, customers of Swiss Post – which was then still called PTT – have been able to choose the speed at which their mail is delivered: A Mail for next-day delivery, B Mail for less urgent items. Originally set at 50 and 80 centimes, new tariffs were introduced in 1993, 1995 and now 2022. Over a quarter of all letters are currently sent as A Mail.

Basic specifications

Article Number554385
Alternative item numberA392843
Publication date01.01.2022


Face value CHF 0.90
Adhesive-type Non-self-adhesive
Subject pre-franked postcards
Cancellation Mint

C6, backside white, units of 10

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CHF 11.00

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