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Postal card «100 years Centovalli Railway»

Tanti auguri! Inaugurated on 25 November 1923, the railway line is celebrating its anniversary. The accompanying special stamp depicts the “Centovallina” with another high flyer: the steel bridge near the village of Intragna, one of the most photographed subjects along the railway line.

Up and down the valleys, the Centovalli Railway has been shuttling between Switzerland and Italy for 100 years now, from Locarno through the Centovalli valley to Domodossola. Decked in white and blue and popular among tourists, this train covers the 52-kilometre route in around two hours.

The “Centovallina”, as the railway is named in Italian, runs through deep gorges past pretty villages and rushing waterfalls, crossing a total of 83 bridges as it goes. One of these is featured on the gummed special stamp – the “Ponte di ferro” steel bridge over the Isorno mountain torrent. Behind the popular photo subject is the center of Intragna, the valley’s principal town, with another eye-catching feature: at 65 metres, the bell tower can take pride in its claim to be the highest church tower in the Canton of Ticino.

The design, in the style of a postcard, is framed by golden lettering, giving expression to the anniversary celebrations. The flow of text bordering the stamp can be read continuously around its length, the words forming a self-contained chain − an abstract symbol of a railway line. With its vintage style, the design also aims to recall the period in which the line was established, which we are reflecting on in the anniversary year, and to prompt feelings of nostalgia. The celebrations start on 25 November and will last for a year. Here’s to another 100 years!


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Publication date07.09.2023


Subject 100 years Centovalli Railway
Topics Mobility & transport
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Pre-franked A6 picture postcard, face value CHF 1.10, mint

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Postal card «100 years Centovalli Railway» Pre-franked A6 picture postcard, face value CHF 1.10, cancelled
Postal card «100 years Centovalli Railway» Pre-franked A6 picture postcard, face value CHF 1.10, mint