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Picture postcard «Swiss inventions – Barryvox»

Barry is the name of the famous dog from the Great St Bernard hospice who is said to have saved the lives of 40 people. His electronic counterpart in the modern era is a device called Barryvox – an avalanche transceiver. The Barryvox design continues the annual “Swiss inventions” miniature sheet set. The devices, also called avalanche beacons, are used to locate and rescue people caught up in avalanches as quickly as possible. After all, any chance of survival falls dramatically after just a few minutes. Swiss electrical engineer and SAC tour guide Felix Meier played a key role in the development of the device up to its current version, the Barryvox® S by Mammut. The device, which has been improved continuously over more than 40 years, now has a range of up to 100 metres and is able to distinguish between several signals coming from people buried by an avalanche. Felix Meier was also a member of the committee that implemented a DIN standard that ensures all avalanche transceivers now operate on a frequency of 457 kilohertz. With its sparkling snow effect, produced by a special finish, the 210-centime miniature sheet conveys both the fascination with but also the dangers of off-piste skiing and snowboarding in the High Alps.

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