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Animal messengers, Set of cards «Fox»

The two “Animal messengers” special stamps aim to encourage people of all ages to take the time to write personal greetings and send them by letter mail. The stamps are adorned with cheerful illustrations and speech bubbles, which can be coloured and filled in. When affixed to a letter, they show appreciation for the recipients. Featured are two animals delivering messages in very different ways. The owl – a wise and poetic animal – is gently riding the waves in a paper boat and delivering its message by water. The design focuses on the theme of harnessing the power of nature and subtly encourages us to reflect on what might be written on the paper. A peaceful and composed image. The fox is portrayed as a sly animal full of energy. At breakneck speed and full of curiosity, he flies through outer space in his self-constructed rocket. The vibrant, brightly coloured design serves as a creative prompt for us to reflect on our existence and its possibilities and limits. The graphic artist Nina Binkert is familiar with the topic of card-writing, as she also illustrates greeting cards for her own label. Using watercolours, drawing ink and a variety of materials, she produces dreamy, lovingly-created designs inspired by everyday life and items found in second-hand shops.

Basic specifications

Article Number553217
Alternative item numberA362952
Publication date09.09.2021


Adhesive-type Non-self-adhesive
Subject Animal messengers
Topics Children, Animals & nature
Cancellation Mint

Set of 4 A6 cards with the motif «Fox», 4 C6 covers and 8 «Fox» stamps (CHF 1.00)

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