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Swiss Crypto Stamps 2.0 Banner

Swiss Crypto Stamp 2.0

Following the success of the first crypto stamp last year, Swiss Post is continuing its adventure and will be putting on sale the second collection Swiss Crypto Stamp 2.0 on 8 August. The new issue places Switzerland and its cinema under the spotlight.

A kiss, a blue sky, a lime and some flowers – the delicate designs of illustrator Corina Vögele will feature on the ten stamps that make up Swiss Crypto Stamp 2.0. This stamp issue project is the result of work carried out in collaboration with the Locarno Film Festival.

Film producers have developed short videos as digital complements to physical stamps, called NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

25,000 copies will be issued for each of the ten designs of Swiss Crypto Stamp 2.0, totalling 250,000 copies in all. People who purchase a Swiss Crypto Stamp 2.0 will have the opportunity to enter a draw to win an 11th NFT.

The NFT video clips will be released live from the Locarno Film Festival on 6 August.

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